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Kako sačuvati FB likes nakon migracije na novu domenu

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Migrating Content/Updating URLs

If you migrate your content from one URL to another, likes and shares won’t automatically migrate. You can retain like and share counts with these two steps:

1. Exempt the Facebook crawler from your HTTP redirect

Use an HTTP 301 or 302 redirect to send people to the new URL when they visit the old URL.

The crawler still needs to be able to access the old page, so exempt the crawler’s user agent from the redirect and only send an HTTP redirect to non-Facebook crawler clients.

The HTML of the old URL should still contain Open Graph tags (including an og:url tag pointing to itself) and return an HTTP 200 response when the crawler loads it.

2. Use the old page as the canonical URL for the new page

Add this tag to the HTML of the new URL:

/ meta property=”og:url” content=”” //

This tells our crawler that the canonical URL is at the old location, and the crawler will use it to generate the number of Likes on the page. New likes at either location will aggregate in both places.


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