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Promjena glavne domene cPanel accounta

  • Back up the account in question before making any changes.
  • In the account’s cPanel, remove the addon domain. This will not remove the subdirectory that contains the addon domain’s site content.
  • In the WebHost Manager, use Main >> Account Functions >> Modify an Account to change the domain name associated with the account in question.
  • Move your site content from the addon domain’s subdirectory to the public_html directory.
  • Recreate any e-mail addresses and FTP users that belong to the domain that was the addon domain.


Please keep in mind that changing your Primary Domain will have other effects on the account, which have been outlined below:

  • Email – All of the email accounts created for domainA.com will turn into @domainB.com accounts. You@domainA.com will now be You@domainB.com. If you still needed You@domainA.com then you will need to add domainA.com to your CPanel again as either a parked or addon domain name and recreate the email account.
  • Files – If domainB.com was an addon domain name and all of the files were located in public_html/domainB, you will need to re-upload or move the files to public_html.
  • Subdomains – All of your subdomains.domainA.com will turn into subdomains.domainB.com.
  • Search Engine Results impact – When you are changing the main domain on your account, be aware that you can affect the search engine rankings of the website. You can take this into account by creating 301 re-directs and also by updating the preferred domain setting in the search engine (as per Google’s article under Webmaster Tools: 301 redirects).


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Migracija emailova na novi server / cPanel

Make sure that you have an account with the mydomain.com domain or the domain is added as Parked or Addon in cPanel at the destination server.

  1. navigate to the etc/ sub folder. There you will see a folder named mydomain.com or the name of the domain you want to transfer the messages for. Download this folder anywhere to your local PC. This folder contains the email accounts associated with the corresponding domain. 

    Now connect  to the server where you want to transfer the accounts/messages. Navigate again to the etc/ sub folder and upload the previously downloaded mydomain.com folder. With this, the transfer of the email accounts is completed.

  2. The last step is to transfer the email messages. Simply repeat the process from step 1, but this time navigate to the mail/ sub folder of the account where the messages are stored, download mydomain.com to your local PC, connect to the other account where you want to transfer the messages and upload the folder mydomain.com to the mail/ sub folder of the destination account. With this, the transfer of your email accounts and messages is completed.

You should be able to open cPanel > Email accounts of the destination account and see the email accounts for mydomain.com listed.


How to transfer email accounts and messages between cPanel servers?

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Migracija WP sajta na vlastiti cPanel account na istom serveru


  1. Backup the files, email accounts (if any), and databases for the domain.
    (Side Note: If you copy the entry from /etc/password & /etc/shadow, you can re-instate the original password for FTP even if you don’t know it)
  2. Delete the domain from the server
  3. Create the domain on it’s own account. It is preferable to keep the same IP address as the original account if that is possible.
    (Right here is where you can put back the original password from /etc/shadow if you saved that off earlier)
  4. Restore files to /public_html under the new account and you may have to globally replace paths in the files from the old folder location to the new folder location so you don’t get any broken scripts or links
  5. Recreate the databases, merge in the backed up data, update the script configs for any scripts on the site that use databases to point to the new database and usernames.
  6. Recreate any email accounts** and load saved mail files back into /home/(login)/mail for the new account.

You should have everything back up and running again but have the addon domain now operating under it’s own account.

**You don’t need to recreate email accounts from cPanel, just move the mail/example.com and etc/example.com from the old account to the new one then change the owner to new user (note that some files should be in “mail” group) This way, the email passwords are keept.

Also, in order to access accounts from horde, you need a symlink
mail/user\@example.com -> mail/example.com/user

Forwards and mail filters are kept in /etc/valiases/ and /etc/vfilters/ – should be backuped and restored with the new domain name.