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Migracija WP sajta na vlastiti cPanel account na istom serveru

  1. Backup the files, email accounts (if any), and databases for the domain.
    (Side Note: If you copy the entry from /etc/password & /etc/shadow, you can re-instate the original password for FTP even if you don’t know it)
  2. Delete the domain from the server
  3. Create the domain on it’s own account. It is preferable to keep the same IP address as the original account if that is possible.
    (Right here is where you can put back the original password from /etc/shadow if you saved that off earlier)
  4. Restore files to /public_html under the new account and you may have to globally replace paths in the files from the old folder location to the new folder location so you don’t get any broken scripts or links
  5. Recreate the databases, merge in the backed up data, update the script configs for any scripts on the site that use databases to point to the new database and usernames.
  6. Recreate any email accounts** and load saved mail files back into /home/(login)/mail for the new account.

You should have everything back up and running again but have the addon domain now operating under it’s own account.

**You don’t need to recreate email accounts from cPanel, just move the mail/ and etc/ from the old account to the new one then change the owner to new user (note that some files should be in “mail” group) This way, the email passwords are keept.

Also, in order to access accounts from horde, you need a symlink
mail/user\ -> mail/

Forwards and mail filters are kept in /etc/valiases/ and /etc/vfilters/ – should be backuped and restored with the new domain name.



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