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How to change Ultimatum Toolset User

Q:  Due to security reasons I would like to delete WordPress Administrator named admin and add new one with different name. But when I do so I don’t see Ultimatum Toolset any more, as it’s visible only to admin user. How can I change Ultimatum Toolset User?

A: in downloads section we have a plugin called toolset reset

Q: I just did that. Now I can see Ultimatum Toolset again but under Plugins and Themes nothing is showing.

A: just go to updates and click right bottom update now link to get toolset fresh data from api server.

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Ultimatum ToolSet

Q: I have moved my site to another server now it is not working.
A: Toolset issues one api key per install and checks sites with the apis so when you move a site it will fail to update. We will have a better solution until next week but until then you can:

Got to plugins and search for adminer
install adminer
Go to tools menu and click adminer and open adminer in screen
in adminer screen open wp_options table
find ultimatum_toolset in options and delete it.
the toolset screen will revert to login where a new license for domain will be issued from server.